Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese



research, movement scores and dance
Daniele Albanese, Eva Karczag
original music Luca Nasciuti
light design Fabio Sajiz
promotion Francesca Divano

production Nanou Associazione Culturale
Performance created within the context of Birds Flocking Project
with the support of MIBACT, Regione Emilia Romagna, Fondazione Teatro Due – Parma, Petrella ’18 ’19 – Longiano, ResiDance XL 2018/Anticorpi XL, ATER – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare dell’Emilia Romagna, Europa Teatri – Parma

anno di produzione production 2019
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

Elsewhere is a performance, but also a frame in which to reflect upon a space that is somewhere else and yet here. It’s an inquiry into the invisible communication between the dancers, between dancers and space, between organization and freedom. The duet represents an evolution of Birds Flocking Project that condenses shared researches and creative processes that have emerged from the fascination with the complex trajectories that flocks of birds create. The choreography confronts the opposite polarities of structure and freedom to define each action, while the intricacies of movement collide with the impossibility of a precise notation. The concepts of flying and migration are a starting point to unveil the mingled imagery of our contemporary world made of different languages and contexts, where liquid borders foster exchange.

Daniele Albanese and Eva Karczag’s first encounter dates back to 1993, when he started attending the European Dance Development Center in Arnhem, where she was a member of the permanent teaching staff. After more than twenty years they decided to embark on a shared path of creation and research that led to Birds Flocking Project in 2017 and subsequently evolved into the duet Elsewhere.

For the past four decades Eva Karczag practices, teaches, and advocates for explorative methods of dance making. Her performance work and her teaching are informed by dance improvisation and mindful body practices which engender trust in the body’s innate capacity for ease, efficiency and integrated openness, including Alexander Technique (certified teacher), Ideokinesis, Taiji / Qigong. Teaches at major colleges and studios throughout the USA, Europe and Australia, including a period of sustained teaching at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC), Arnhem (1990- 2002). Has a Master of Fine Arts degree (Dance Research Fellow) from Bennington College, VT, USA. A member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company (1979-85), since the mid-1980s, functions as an independent dance artist, performing solo and collaborative work internationally. Recent performances include Promenade, a durational performance/installation with visual artist, Chris Crickmay and composer, Sylvia Hallett; Vapour Sketches with Bettina Neuhaus; Stephanie Skura’s Surreptitious Preparations for an Impossible Total Act. The profound influence of the New York post-modern dance movement of the 1960’s and 70’s has given her current dance practice a foundation of respect for the moving body, and a passion for creative process and experimentation.

VON solo

By and with Daniele Albanese
Light Design Alessio Guerra
Music Luca Nasciuti
Artistic assistant Yele Canali
Technical assistant Jan Ollieslagers

anno di produzione production 2017
durata duration 55'
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

‘The Event Horizon’ of a Black Hole defines an imaginary surface of time and space.
The points placed on one side of this surface emit signals that can still escape from the black hole.
The signals of the points placed on the other side can no longer escape and therefore can not be observed’.

VON solo is set in this imaginary border where what is clear and legible encounters what is dark and mysterious.
Natural forces, physical forces and political forces, transform, distort and move the body of the performer.
A reflection on dance meant as a continuous mutation and transformation. The performance is conceived as a choreography of the three elements of movement, light and sound.

This Solo is originally set at the end of a larger show with two other performers on stage- it is performed both separately and within the context of the entire piece. It has been developed in its final structure, as an indipendent piece, in September 2017.


By Daniele Albanese
Dance Daniele Albanese Marta Ciappina Giulio Petrucci
Light Design Alessio Guerra
Music Lorenzo DonadeiLuca Nasciuti
Text Daniele Albanese
Voice Giulio Santolini
Artistic assistant Yele Canali
Technical assistant Deborah Penzo

Von premiered in Avignon – Festival Les Hivernales – on 24th February 2017

anno di produzione production 2017
durata duration 55'
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

The Event Horizon” of a Black Hole defines an imaginary surface of time and space.
The points placed on one side of this surface emit signals that can still escape from the black hole.
The signals of the points placed on the other side can no longer escape and therefore can not be observed’.

A reflection on dance meant as a continuous mutation and transformation. The performance is conceived as a choreography of the three elements of movement, light and sound.

Drumming Solo

by and with Daniele Albanese
music Steve Reich – Drumming Part I
percussions Riccardo Balbinutti, Niccolò Chisci, Lorenzo Guidolin, Cristina Pedroli

A solo performance based on the idea of intensity.

anno di produzione production 2015
durata duration 19'
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

The relationship between dance and music takes place within a circumscribed geometrical space, while forms and transformations would relentlessly repeat.

Limit and boundary are the key concepts of the piece. The contrast between them and a continuous flow of movements become the starting point for seeking an “elsewhere”

Drumming solo has been presented for the first time, with live music, on April 18th 2015 in Turin /Teatro Vittoria as part of Red Blue Works (produced by Unione Musicale onlus for Confluenze di Atelier Giovani in collaboration with Festival Torinodanza / Fondazione Teatro Stabile Torino).

Digitale Purpurea

Conceived by Daniele Albanese
Live Music Patrizia Mattioli
Light design and live Yannick de Sousa Mendes, Deborah Penzo
Dance Daniele Albanese, Francesca Burzacchini, Elisa dal Corso, Pietro Pireddu

Artistic residencies and rehearsals Europa Teatri (Parma), AMAT & Comune di Pesaro, Spazio 84 (Parma), Fonderia-Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/AterBalletto
production Stalk 2014

Experimental version of a live concert/performance.

anno di produzione production 2012
durata duration 35'
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

Digitale Purpurea I is the research of a continuous dance among movement, lights and sound , non-stop changing of dynamics and presence.
The dance develops as a result of a study on the movement in terms of speed, time and meeting with live music and lights.
The choreography is designed as a counterpoint of physical score, sound and light, and as a concert of these elements .
The movement is a flow, a continuous scroll and its obligated deal with the form to engage the viewer in a common field of ​​great power .
Conceived as a modular project that can vary format and number of perfomers depending on the context .
The forces of nature and its dynamics are the main engine of reference for the dance, its textures and contrasts.

Digitalis Purpurea (Common Foxglove): herbaceous plant whose flowers are arranged in terminal clusters, pendants, tubular, with a color ranging from purple to pink, yellow or white . The essence of Digitalis can be used as a drug to cure heart failure. In wrong doses, the plant is highly toxic up to be lethal to humans.

D.O.G.M.A. Dance On Gardens Manufactured Artificially

Concept, direction and choreography Daniele Albanese
Performance Francesca Burzacchini, Marta Ciappina
Music Marco Monica
Light design Gianluca Bergamini

Coproduction Stalk/Tirdanza
Artistic Residency and support Europa Teatri (Parma)

anno di produzione production 2012
cover cover ph Jacopo Emiliani

A space filled with Forces.
The audience is led into a hypnotic dimension marked with persistent rhythm and the slow but unavoidable changing of the light.
Key element is the passing of time.
A picture of the elusive passage from day to night: the usual world is transfigured, the inner body becomes space and daily gesture blurs in unknown paths.

A show on the powerful force of the unseen.


By and With Daniele Albanese
Music Marco Monica
Wild is the Wind” – fragment – Nina Simone
Lights Gianluca Bergamini

Coproduction Stalk/Tir Danza
Solo created during the making of the project winner of Fondo Fare Anticorpi 2010

anno di produzione production 2010
cover cover ph Gabriele Orlandi

Performance thought as choreographic Note on Attraction and Absence, a book of notes and fragments that investigates the complexity of a composition within a very simple frame.
The physical score has been created by defining forces of attraction and reveals itself in the solitude of the movement and in the echo of an absence.
Two main fields of research – one of physical dynamics and one more theatrical – fight with each other and fuse themselves in a continuous passage between one and the other.

The double T of the Italian title shows the landscape and atmosphere from which the solo is born: the Night – La NotTe

Something About Today (The Vicious Circle)

by Daniele Albanese
with Daniele Albanese, Lucia Palladino, Manfredi Perego
music Marco Monica; excerpt from “wild is the wind” by Nina Simone
light design Lucia Manghi / Stalk
a special thanks to Nicola Savarese for his advice

With the support of Fondo Fare Anticorpi 2010
Co-production Stalk/ Tir Danza
In collaboration with Amat – Associazione Marchigiana per le Attività Teatrali

anno di produzione production 2010

Drunkenness, a confused and uncertain presence, is the starting point of the show and a pretext to picture Today thorough the point of view of attraction and solitude.
The characters move in circles never exiting the vicious circle made of attraction, desire and disenchantment.
The three dancers almost never touch each other.
Three ways and three bodies for the same presence.

The vicious circle in which they move can be seen as well as a magnetic field made of attraction and repulsion forces: never able to go anywhere but in constant dependence one from the other.

Dance is defined as a movement between stage and audience, as a shifting communication between performer and spectator, and it is a dance not only of bodies but among the different scenic elements (lights, sound…).
Structured in short scenes with an idea of combination and repetition, with some actions more theatrical and surreal and others made of pure dynamic of movement.


by and with Daniele Albanese
lights Deborah Penzo
music Marco Monica
fragments from “l’Arte della fuga” by J.S.Bach

with the support of InteatroPROD in the frame of Scenari Danza 2.0

anno di produzione production 2009
cover cover ph Linda Vukaj

On stage a figure of our days: a ghost-phantom revealing itself by covering himself.
The work focuses on transformation, on moving from one image to another maintaining continuity in the actions on the scene. Dance is structured in a continuous flowing and focusing on flow of time. Attention is on forces moving the body; movement derives from this forces score, and the visible movement is the result of this primary schema. Solo as Construction.

In a Landscape

Dance and Dramaturgy Daniele Albanese
Assistance to Dramaturgy Loredana Scianna, Maurizio Soliani
Music Maurizio Soliani

anno di produzione production 2008
cover cover ph Gabriele Orlandi

In a Landscape was created in 2008 as an Urban Space Performance and became very soon a Solo that could evolve through the years following the development of Compagnia STALKER’s research.
It was presented since 2010 also in theatres and site specific spaces.
This work is defined through a precise structure and organization of space, movement and sound and in the geometric reading of the space where it takes place.
It is based on the idea of Wind, not in an atmospheric sense. The wind here is meant as creator and motor of changes and dynamics (in the physical and musical score).
Like the wind the force that moves is invisible, what we can perceive – through movement and sound – is the result of a passage…in an urban landscape.