Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese

Daniele Albanese is a choreographer, dancer and performer based between Italy and Berlin.

After having trained as a gymnast and ballet dancer, he obtained a BA at EDDC (now ArtEZ) in Arnhem – The Netherlands where he studied Complex Movement, Release Technique, Alexander Technique, Composition, Choreographic Structure, Theory, Improvisation under the lead of several leading figures linked to American Postmodernism such as Eva Karkzag, Steve Paxton, Lisa Kraus, Jennifer Lacey, K.J. Holmes, Mimi Goese, Yvonne Meyer, Tony Thatcher.

Since 1995 he has collaborated with many renowned artists such as Benoit Lachambre, Virgilio Sieni, Nigel Charnock, Jennifer Lacey, Eva Karczag, Karine Ponties, Peter Pleyer, while developing his work as an independent author.

In 2002 he established his own company Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese in order to explore dance as a language, namely the relationship between closed and open structures, in quest of a choreographic sign which would be fixed and in mutation at the same time.

His interests span philosophy (along his career he studied with philosophers José Gil and Maurizio Zanardi), neurophysiology (his project àrebours was conceived in collaboration with research member of the team that discovered mirror neurons Elena Borra), ornithology, quantum physics (with his father and sister, renowned physicists Gianfranco Albanese and Lara Albanese).

Since 2005 he has been teaching contemporary dance to students, professional dancers and choreographers focusing on improvisation techniques and somatic work. He has led workshops in the framework of several dance festivals and research centres.

His research explores the constant flow that goes from the body as an object to the body as a subject through a flux of transformations in which gestures become abstractions and viceversa.

His works display the hybrid forms that arise in the transition from a place to another, from a movement to another, where boundaries are not seen as obstacles but rather as a point of turmoil that generates new ways of encountering the audience, thus leading to unusual dimensions of perception.

His performances have been presented in several internationally renowned theatres and festivals.

In June 2022 he graduated at Schule für Alexander Technik directed by Dan Armon in Berlin, after a three years training course.