Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese

Digitale Purpurea

Digitale Purpurea

Digitale Purpurea

Conceived by Daniele Albanese
Live Music Patrizia Mattioli
Light design and live Yannick de Sousa Mendes, Deborah Penzo
Dance Daniele Albanese, Francesca Burzacchini, Elisa dal Corso, Pietro Pireddu

Artistic residencies and rehearsals Europa Teatri (Parma), AMAT & Comune di Pesaro, Spazio 84 (Parma), Fonderia-Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/AterBalletto
production Stalk 2014

Experimental version of a live concert/performance.

anno di produzione production 2012
durata duration 35'
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

Digitale Purpurea I is the research of a continuous dance among movement, lights and sound , non-stop changing of dynamics and presence.
The dance develops as a result of a study on the movement in terms of speed, time and meeting with live music and lights.
The choreography is designed as a counterpoint of physical score, sound and light, and as a concert of these elements .
The movement is a flow, a continuous scroll and its obligated deal with the form to engage the viewer in a common field of ​​great power .
Conceived as a modular project that can vary format and number of perfomers depending on the context .
The forces of nature and its dynamics are the main engine of reference for the dance, its textures and contrasts.

Digitalis Purpurea (Common Foxglove): herbaceous plant whose flowers are arranged in terminal clusters, pendants, tubular, with a color ranging from purple to pink, yellow or white . The essence of Digitalis can be used as a drug to cure heart failure. In wrong doses, the plant is highly toxic up to be lethal to humans.