Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese

Drumming Solo

Drumming Solo

Drumming Solo

by and with Daniele Albanese
music Steve Reich – Drumming Part I
percussions Riccardo Balbinutti, Niccolò Chisci, Lorenzo Guidolin, Cristina Pedroli

A solo performance based on the idea of intensity.

anno di produzione production 2015
durata duration 19'
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

The relationship between dance and music takes place within a circumscribed geometrical space, while forms and transformations would relentlessly repeat.

Limit and boundary are the key concepts of the piece. The contrast between them and a continuous flow of movements become the starting point for seeking an “elsewhere”

Drumming solo has been presented for the first time, with live music, on April 18th 2015 in Turin /Teatro Vittoria as part of Red Blue Works (produced by Unione Musicale onlus for Confluenze di Atelier Giovani in collaboration with Festival Torinodanza / Fondazione Teatro Stabile Torino).