Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese


1980-1986: training in artistic gymnastic

1990-1993: training in ballet with étoile Marina Fisso from Teatro Nuovo in Turin

1988-1993: training in contemporary dance and theatre, while attending High School in Parma (Italy)

1993-1997: EDDC/European Dance Development Centre – Hogheschool Voor de Kunsten/Arnhem, The Netherlands /now called ArtEZ (Bachelor’s degree)

2000: intensive week of studies at Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark

2001: XII ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) in Bielefeld, Germany

2019-to the present day: Schule für Alexander Technik directed by Dan Armon in Berlin, Germany



1995: L’opera al nero

1996: Grand duet

1997: Broken Lapsus

1998-2000: Organismo 1 e 2

2002: Danza per delfino ucciso

2004: Gin; Lego 1 ; Lego 2; àrebours (-2)

2005: àrebours 100

2007: Tiqqun – 1° studio: nemmeno l’allodola vede l’aperto

2008: Pietro – 1° studio

2008: In a Landscape

2008: Death Pattern

2008: Only You (and you alone)

2009: Andless

2010: AnnotTazioni and Something About Today (The Vicious Circle)

2012: D.O.G.M.A. (Dance On Gardens Manufactured Artificially)

2014: Digitale Purpurea I

2015: Red Blue Works (Red blue work 1 and Drumming Solo)

2017: VON / VON solo

2018: Birds Flocking Project

2019: Elsewhere (in duet with Eva Karczag)

2020: Home

2021: Home Altrove



1993: Apollo’s disciples (by Peter Pleyer)

1994: City bits (by Charlotte Zerbey)

1994: Studs (by Tony Thatcher)

1995: Signo Nù (by Joao da Silva)

1996: Our Dainty Little Tracks (by Jennifer Lacey)

1997: Global tm (by Martin Butler)

1998-2000: Dimmi che sono Bella (Compagnia Corte Sconta)

2001: Idiom (Company blu)

2002: Barcelona Project (by Nigel Charnock)

2002: Il brutto@natroccolo (TPO)

2003: Buffers (by Ariella Vidach-Aieprod)

2005: Mi difenderò (by Virgilio Sieni)

2007: Boreas (by Karine Ponties)

2013: Snakeskins (by Benoit Lachambre)

2013: L’ivresse des croisées (Open air Improvisation with Benoit Lachambre)

2016: Estasi (by Enzo Cosimi)

2017: Xebeche (gruppo Nanou)

2020: A love song (by Simona Bertozzi)



1997: Selected as representative of Hogheschool Voor de Kunsten/Arnehm at Roos Gesink Prijs

2008: Finalist at Equilibrio Prize – Roma/Auditorium Parco della Musica with Pietro 1° studio

2008: Finalist at Masdanza 2008 (Gran Canaria) with Pietro 1° studio

2008: Finalist at EXTRA Prize / Young Italian Artists with Only You (and You Alone)

2008: Finalist at Festival-Concorso Mondo, Masque Teatro/Forlì with Tiqqun

2011: Selected as representative of Italian choreographers at DancEUnion2011/Southbank Centre in London with AnnotTazioni 

2016-2017: Winner of CollaborAction XL Production Prize with Von



2006: residency at Pact-Zollverein (Essen, Germany) with Tiqqun

2010: Fondo Fare Anticorpi research program with Something about Today and AnnotTazioni

2014: residency at Atelier (Lisbon, Portugal) with Digitale purpurea

2016: residency at Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Bruxelles, Belgium) with Von

2019: ResiDance XL residency program with Birds Flocking Project

2017: residency at Lavanderia a Vapore (Turin, Italy) with Elsewhere

2020: Crossing The Sea (a performing arts project of connection and cooperation between Italy and the Middle East/Asian countries) with Home

2021: ResiDance XL residency program with Home Altrove



In 1999 he published the collection of texts Geometrie d’acqua e altre poesie with the publishing house Montedit. In 2015 he took part as a dancer/performer in Film E42 by American filmmaker Cynthia Madansky.