Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese

Alessio Guerra is a designer and researcher in the field of lighting.
After graduating in industrial physics, he obtained a degree in Scenography at Bologna University and attended advanced courses at several Italian renowned institutions such as Philips Lighting Academy.
From 2000 to 2010 he worked as technical director at Spazio Binario Theatre, in collaboration with Associazione Cantharide.
In 2007 he founded with dancer Silvia Urbani Compagnia Urbani-Guerra, a contemporary dance company whose focus was to explore the relationship between body and light.
In 2018 he founded Wabi Studio, where he designs and produces lighting design objects.
Over the past twenty years he has collaborated with many prestigious companies from Italy and abroad, among which: Lamborghini, Intimissimi, BMW, MAST, Tamoil, IMA, Opificio Golinelli, Maserati, Unipol.
He works as light designer for many theatre and dance companies such as Compagnia Stalker_Daniele Albanese, Camilla Monga and Marco D’Agostin.

Daniela Cattivelli

is a sound artist and electroacoustic music composer. She focuses on transdisciplinary practices by both creating solo projects and collaborating with various artists coming from different fields (visual arts, theatre, performing arts).
Her works explore the multiple facets of sonic dimension by delving into various aspects of the physics of sound as well as developing non-conventional devices.
She has been collaborating with many renowned Italian theatre and dance companies such as MK – Michele Di Stefano,  Kinkaleri,  Fabrizio Favale Le Supplici, Teatro Valdoca, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, as well as international artists such as William Forsythe, Yoko Higashino, Baby-Q.
Moreover, she has played under the direction of internationally renowned experimental musicians such as Fred Frith, Barry Guy, Zeena Parkins, Charles Hayward, Butch Morris, Jon Rose, John Oswald.
She has been teaching sound design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and she currently teaches interpretation of electroacoustic music at G.B. Martini Conservatory in Bologna.

Francesca Divano is an independent cultural manager and curator. She studied at the faculty of arts, music and drama at Bologna University and Theatre/Cultural Mediation at Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris.
She has held various roles in different fields such as fashion, publishing, translation and subtitling for theatre performances and film festivals, and cultural management. Over the years, she has taken a particular interest in transdisciplinary curatorial projects.
She has worked as an organizer for several performing arts festival such as Santarcangelo Festival, Riccione TTV, VIE Festival Modena and as a production/communication manager for numerous theatre and dance companies such as Ateliersi, Simona Bertozzi, Paola Bianchi, Alessandro Carboni/Formati Sensibili, Vincenzo Carta/Benjamin Vandewalle, Luisa Cortesi, Snejanka Mihaylova, Ambra Senatore, Antonio Tagliarini, Urban Research Theater.
She has curated various independent projects in the field of visual and performing arts in Sarajevo, New York, Venice and Bologna, in collaboration with NGOs, art galleries, theatres and non-conventional spaces.

Luca Nasciuti is a London based artist and composer. He makes use of field recordings to create complex soundscapes. His sound is urgent and physical, rooted in the natural and man-made sources he records on a daily basis. He performs his music internationally and has been working extensively in theatre and dance companies, and with visual and video artists. His latest album Kishar was released in 2017 by the London label Resterecords. He has completed a BA in Music and Performing Arts at the University of East London and an MMus in Studio Composition at the Goldsmiths College. In 2018, he obtained a PhD in Musical Composition at the University of Aberdeen.

Salvatore Insana graduated at the faculty of arts, music and drama at Romatre University with a final dissertation about the concept of “uselessness”.
His research focuses on images in movement, photography and other forms of “erosion of imagery”, on the threshold between visual lyricism, dissolution of the didactic horizon of events and recombination of codes and linguistic structures.
In 2011 he founded the collective Dehors/Audela together with dancer and choreographer Elisa Turco Liveri. In a constant attempt to overcome genres, with Dehors/Audela he created video/theatre works, dance performances,  audio-visual research projects, urban installations, photographic investigation projects and experimental workshops.
He has been collaborating with several filmmakers, theatre companies, musicians and sound artists.
His works have been presented in numerous festival and transdisciplinary art events both in Italy and abroad.