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Something About Today (The Vicious Circle)

Something About Today (The Vicious Circle)

Something About Today (The Vicious Circle)

by Daniele Albanese
with Daniele Albanese, Lucia Palladino, Manfredi Perego
music Marco Monica; excerpt from “wild is the wind” by Nina Simone
light design Lucia Manghi / Stalk
a special thanks to Nicola Savarese for his advice

With the support of Fondo Fare Anticorpi 2010
Co-production Stalk/ Tir Danza
In collaboration with Amat – Associazione Marchigiana per le Attività Teatrali

anno di produzione production 2010

Drunkenness, a confused and uncertain presence, is the starting point of the show and a pretext to picture Today thorough the point of view of attraction and solitude.
The characters move in circles never exiting the vicious circle made of attraction, desire and disenchantment.
The three dancers almost never touch each other.
Three ways and three bodies for the same presence.

The vicious circle in which they move can be seen as well as a magnetic field made of attraction and repulsion forces: never able to go anywhere but in constant dependence one from the other.

Dance is defined as a movement between stage and audience, as a shifting communication between performer and spectator, and it is a dance not only of bodies but among the different scenic elements (lights, sound…).
Structured in short scenes with an idea of combination and repetition, with some actions more theatrical and surreal and others made of pure dynamic of movement.