Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese




By and With Daniele Albanese
Music Marco Monica
Wild is the Wind” – fragment – Nina Simone
Lights Gianluca Bergamini

Coproduction Stalk/Tir Danza
Solo created during the making of the project winner of Fondo Fare Anticorpi 2010

anno di produzione production 2010
cover cover ph Gabriele Orlandi

Performance thought as choreographic Note on Attraction and Absence, a book of notes and fragments that investigates the complexity of a composition within a very simple frame.
The physical score has been created by defining forces of attraction and reveals itself in the solitude of the movement and in the echo of an absence.
Two main fields of research – one of physical dynamics and one more theatrical – fight with each other and fuse themselves in a continuous passage between one and the other.

The double T of the Italian title shows the landscape and atmosphere from which the solo is born: the Night – La NotTe