Compagnia STALKER_Daniele Albanese



by and with Daniele Albanese
lights Deborah Penzo
music Marco Monica
fragments from “l’Arte della fuga” by J.S.Bach

with the support of InteatroPROD in the frame of Scenari Danza 2.0

anno di produzione production 2009
cover cover ph Linda Vukaj

On stage a figure of our days: a ghost-phantom revealing itself by covering himself.
The work focuses on transformation, on moving from one image to another maintaining continuity in the actions on the scene. Dance is structured in a continuous flowing and focusing on flow of time. Attention is on forces moving the body; movement derives from this forces score, and the visible movement is the result of this primary schema. Solo as Construction.

In a Landscape

Dance and Dramaturgy Daniele Albanese
Assistance to Dramaturgy Loredana Scianna, Maurizio Soliani
Music Maurizio Soliani

anno di produzione production 2008
cover cover ph Gabriele Orlandi

In a Landscape was created in 2008 as an Urban Space Performance and became very soon a Solo that could evolve through the years following the development of Compagnia STALKER’s research.
It was presented since 2010 also in theatres and site specific spaces.
This work is defined through a precise structure and organization of space, movement and sound and in the geometric reading of the space where it takes place.
It is based on the idea of Wind, not in an atmospheric sense. The wind here is meant as creator and motor of changes and dynamics (in the physical and musical score).
Like the wind the force that moves is invisible, what we can perceive – through movement and sound – is the result of a passage…in an urban landscape.

Pietro I Studio

direction and dance Daniele Albanese
assistant dramaturg Loredana Scianna, Maurizio Soliani
original music Maurizio Soliani
lighting Deborah Penzo

anno di produzione production 2008

This first step in the construction process of a more complex performance has the aim to create a character-performance and to define a performance as a person.
The main focus of this study is based on two opposite points of views: silence-absence and shifts of mind states, in a game of definition, repetition and combination that keeps its centre in the idea of ‘interruption’.
Pietro is the character-performance that, with a backward process, we want to define at the end of the whole work.

Only You (And You Alone)

concept and direction Daniele Albanese
creative contributions Loredana Scianna and Maurizio Soliani
live kaoss Maurizio Soliani
vocal body Loredana Scianna
dance Daniele Albanese
cactus Echinocactus Grusonii
light design Vincenzo Alterini
technical support and lighting Lucia Manchi, Deborah Penzo
sound Antonio Verderi

coproduction Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione – Teatro Errante – Stalk 2008
a special thanks to Europa Teatri (Parma) for hosting our rehersals

anno di produzione production 2008

Boredom, its declinations and its extreme consequences are the nucleus of the work; the scenic texture sets a mood rather than a narration. However, there is a dramatic linearity that goes from boredom (obsessive repetition, material, spiritual and physical inertia) to the brutal violence: not a perfect syllogism but certainly a literal current paradigm. The detonator is the impossibility of relationship between one with the other. We have worked on what is not there, on the lack as closed and not fertile circuit, on the private as deprivation, on the anesthetic patina that resets feelings and makes us ravenous, insatiable beasts. The desire and its satisfaction no longer match. There is something socially reprehensible in this apathy or at least it seems so: we do not show in public the chronic inability to be happy as we are required to do. We would rather kill when the arrogance of life primes again, for a few seconds, and there is no more way, we do not remember … we do not know anymore. And we are here unable to find a compromise that the other requires, unable to any surrender that could calm us. It’s an impossible study for a perfect love.

“Deceptive is the heart more than anything else… and incurable”.

Tiqqun - Nemmeno l'allodola vede l'aperto

choreography and dramaturgy Daniele Albanese
original music and dramaturgy assistant Maurizio Soliani
sound/devices Antonio Verderi
lights Vincenzo Alterini

anno di produzione production 2007
cover cover ph Andrea Macchia

This work was born from a sentence by Heidegger –“Not even the skylark sees the open
and some of his thoughts on the relation and difference between human being and animals.

The reflection on human being is analyzed in opposing organicity and form, therefore this is a study on the idea of boundary – in the space and in compositional terms.
Dance is here thought as a composition and a choreography of actions in a flow and continuous exchange between gesture and movement.
Even using a dance contemporary – western vocabulary the meaning of the oriental saying: “The obstacle is the way” is kept.
To create the physical score actions and reactions of an extreme but very common and everyday relation have been selected and filtered: the sadomasochistic relation in a continuous shift between torturer and victim.

The making of the music has followed a language of construction and not of composition.
The discovery of sounds within the dramaturgical structure follows a process of harmonic analysis and synthesis.

The physical and musical research follows an identical process of creation that goes in the direction of defining a language and a method, remaining although within the frame of ‘liquid forms’.
Tiqqun is a Jewish word and it can be translated with the word Reparation.
Tiqqun is also a group based in Paris: its analysis and criticism of contemporary world has been a source in starting this project.

àrebours 100

by and with Daniele Albanese
music “Eraser” – Nine Inch Nails; “Lift me up”- Moby; “Vacanze romane” – Matia Bazar.
lighting Vincenzo Alterini

coproduction CanGo – Fabbrica Europa _ MOVING2005 (Firenze)

anno di produzione production 2006

A study on the relation movement-senses-space-memory. Dance is conceived as a sequence of physical repeatable actions, searching for the right balance between reproduction of a gesture and freedom within a precise form.
The work – in collaboration with the Italian Neurophysiologist Elena Borra – was born as a study of backward-movement; this theme has soon become the main idea of the creative process.
This work of composition-combination and repetition, has the aim to find the main elements of the relation memory-body, space-memory.
The interest in structure is not formal, the whole work is shaped in order to let ‘fragments of character’ emerge and shift between one and the other.

Works in progress

Preliminary Discourse
Elementi per una teoria...
Birds Flocking